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Sabtu, 15 September 2007

The Information of Battle Realms : Winter of the Wolf


Winter of the Wolf just like the first Battle Realms, follows the basic formula for many real-time strategy games. All of its factions have similar buildings, with similar uses, and workers. However, the workers in Battle Realms, unlike in most other real-time strategy games, are able to transform themselves into military units. Thus, buildings are not used for "making" units, but for "transforming" units. The most important units in Battle Realms: peasants; farming, building, and training into military units.

The basic worker units are called peasants in Battle Realms. Peasants gather the two resources in the game: rice and water. They also round up horses, which can be used by most other units in the game and can provide additional payload for peasants. Peasants can build all of the buildings in the games.

Peasants are the only units the player can produce outright. Most of the buildings available are schools where peasants are trained into a variety of other units. For example: sending a Wolf peasant to a Combat Pit will train it into a Brawler; a Ballistic Grounds will train it into a hurler; a Quarry to train it into a Mauler. These can be trained further into advanced units by sending them into the remaining schools. For example, sending a Brawler to a Quarry or a Ballistic Grounds will produce a Sledger or Ballistaman, respectively. Peasants can have a maximum of three levels of learning; two clans have four.

Another difference in unit generation is that peasants are produced automatically without any cost. However, the rate at which new peasants are produced slows down as your population grows.

Certain buildings can teach special techniques (called Battle Gears or special abilities) for a price, giving new abilities to aid units. They can also allow units to defeat higher tier units they normally would have a problem (or be killed) from.

Another key element in Battle Realms is Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are only obtained in battle. Yang points are for the Dragon and the Wolf clan(light clans) while the Yin points are for the Serpent and the Lotus clan(dark clans). They are used to summon Zen Masters, upgrade units, and strengthen attack damage of heroes. Some clans can use these Yang/Yin to power a powerful nuke or give units Battle Gears. The farther units are from their base, the faster Yin or Yang can be harvested.


The story begins with Grayback, the last heir to the Wolf clan's throne, explaining that long ago that life was better for their clan before the storms came and drowned their paradise. They were saved from death by their druidess order using their clan's most sacred treasure the white wolf's skull, given to them by their clan's totem, the white wolf.

The skull took them to the lands of the Serpent empire where their new neighbors the Serpent and Lotus clan welcomed them as allies but unfortunately they trusted them. Thinking that their lives seemed simple and good again little did they now that Lord Zymeth of the Lotus clan made a deal with the Serpent emperor and attacked them by surprise. The Serpent clan looked away as the Lotus burned their towns and killed their people, many wolvesmen tried to fight back but were unsuccessful, the survivors of the battle became slaves in the Lotus shale mines, ever since then Grayback trained his fellow miners in the arts of war, led them to rebellion and struggle for freedom from the grip of their slave master Mistress Yvaine.

Wolf Zen Masters

Grayback- Leader of the Wolf clan with a pick axe for a weapon. His battle gear "Wolf's Howl" gives his allies a temporary damage bonus at the cost of stamina.

Longtooth- A Wolf clansman armed with boomerangs has the ability to make his boomerang pass through buildings and units damaging everything in its path continually draining his stamina.

Gaihla- Not much of a fighter and naturally the weakest Zen Master of all but with a decent battle gear that heals all nearby allies at the cost of stamina. Her Idle Animation helps rice grow faster if you make her stand near ricefields.

The Shale Lord- This shale monstrosity used to be a wolf slave turned into an experiment that went wrong. His Battle Gear allows him to rip out some of his shale flesh and armor an ally at a small cost of health.

Wildeye- This Maniac (as Longtooth would call him before Grayback went to Yvaine's fortress) is armed with a drum which he uses to attack his opponents heads off or to use his Battle Gear which summons a spirit wolf to his side at the cost of stamina. These spirit wolves can then be used to aid other members of the Wolf clan.


Dragon CLan: Guardian and Battle Maiden. Hero is Teppo-chemistry and pyrotechnic mastery

Serpent Clan: Enforcer and Witch(Demoness with appropriate Battle Gears). Hero is Taro-enchanted blade and magic curse mastery

Lotus Clan: Reaper and Overseer. Hero is Yvaine- ice mastery

Wolf Clan: Digger and Dryad. Hero is Wildeye- summoner of spirit white wolves mastery

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